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Mary is truly the Mother of God

Posted by catholicus on May 13, 2006

The Theotokos and Christ

No true catholic faith without a sincere love and veneration for the Most Holy Mother of Christ our Lord and God. She is rightly called the Mother of GOD since she gave birth to the true Man who is the true and only GOD.


3 Responses to “Mary is truly the Mother of God”

  1. fatfingur said

    What the hell are you talking about? First of all, God has no mother because he came first before mary did. I mean God created Mary so how can be the creator a son of his creation. This is crazy. maybe you meant, Mary was Jesus’ mom. I’d believe that, but Mary as God’s mother, you are misleading a lot of people. Think again. You are wrong.
    Jesus is not God because he was said to be God’s son. So how can be the son of God be the GOD himself? This is all a lie. don’t defend yourself with the holy trinity because the trinity was just a mere invention, just an idea. It wasn’t really proved.
    Please don’t mislead people’s beliefs.

  2. catholicus said

    That’s a typical response from one who does not, who (thinks he) cannot believe that Christ IS God.
    Please read:
    Is Jesus Christ God?
    The Son, Jesus Christ, is God
    Sufficient stuff for you to ponder on. Glad to here from you again after serious study.

  3. Elias sanabria said

    hahaha,, so am i give up my beliefs to follow yours??? so give up my faith to folow you master fatfingur? hahaha…do you have any other product for sale??? hahaha

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