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The Devotion to Jesus Crucified

Posted by catholicus on May 26, 2006

Crocifisso di Fratel LeopoldoThis devotion owes much to the humble Franciscan lay brother, Fra. Lepoldo, who died in odour of sanctity in 1922. Gifted with a deep sense of mental prayer, he became the confident of Jesus Crucified who inspired him the prayer of the DEVOTION TO JESUS CRUCIFIED. Approved and granted indulgences, the prayer was translated into various languages and distributed by the millions of copies throughout the world. By granting extraordinary graces to those who practise it. God has shown that it was extremely agreeable to Him. In 1912 Fra. Leopoldo became acquainted with Fra. Teodoreto, a member of the Brothers of the Christian Schools' Institute. Henceforth Our Lord revealed to his confident that He had chosen this Institute to diffuse the DEVOTION TO JESUS CRUCIFIED. Our Lord to Leopoldo: Go and write down that it is I, your Jesus, who has guided you when you wrote the words of the saintly DEVOTION / ADORATION TO JESUS CRUCIFIED. You shall tell the members of the pious Union that I love them immensely, that their work is rather light as compared to the infinite reward I have in store for them. You could not have shown me more love than by distributing the leaflets of the Adoration, so that they reach generous souls who will make reparation to my Divine Person (10-X-08). When I ask you if you love me, I do not mean you only and directly. My wish is to be loved through the Devotion to the Most Holy Crucifix which I want spread throughout the whole world (1-1-09) The penance I give you is to make me loved throughout the whole world by means of the Devotion (13-1-09). In truth, I tell you, the homes where this Devotion is practised shall be blessed (29-1-09). After your death, I will show you all the souls who have obtained salvation through the Devotion. A soul dedicated to this saintly Adoration shall not be damned (1-V-09). Those who practise the Adoration of the Most Holy Crucifix with faith and love shall enjoy eternal happiness (23-VIII-09) Be it known to you, Leopoldo, that I, your tender love, Jesus Crucified, rejoice with a noble and sublime happiness at being glorified through you on earth when you instil the saintly Devotion / Adoration. If I desire so much having it known, it is that, without this Cross sanctified by my Precious Blood, nobody whould enter paradise (16-XII-09). You shall hear of the great marvels I will operate in those practising the saintly Devotion (18-1-12). I will give a very ardent faith to those who will practise the saintly Adoration and I will continue to feed them with it (7-1-13). Do you know why I love you so? It is because, in addition to your loving me, you make me loved as much as you can throug my Devotion (19-XI-08). Leopoldo, as long as you practise the saintly Adoration, you may rest assured that no evil will ever befall you (18-VI-18). Continue working in my vineyard, strive constantly to spread my Devotion more and more, because it is my own. Remember the holy enterprise: instil and diffuse the saintly Adoration throughout the whole world. The souls who love me shall find me near them in the saintly Adoration, and I will be their sanctification. Here are the graces and blessing I will grant profusely to my devotees. I will grant them the gift of tears, the compunction of the heart, and the food most necessary to their souls. The Blessed Virgin Mary to Fra. Leopoldo: You rank first among the merchants of the world because your product, the Devotion to Jesus Crucified, is so agreeable to God that it gathers for yourself inestimable treasures for eternal life. (To be continued)

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