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Mary is Truly the Mother of the God-Man

Posted by catholicus on May 27, 2006

Theotokos Tenderness

The Fact of Mary's Divine Motherhood

Mary's sublime maternity was "delicate as a rose sprung in a frosty winter scenery, pure as an April dawn, holy as an Angel's call, and humble as befitted Her Son, the Conqueror of everlasting pride" (Quad. '43, p. 698 [Dec. 26; the Blessed Virgin speaking to the Seer]).

[Jesus speaking.] "God, to reveal Himself to {humanity} in the new and complete form, which starts the Redemption era, did not select for His throne a star in the sky, nor the palace of a powerful man. {He did not wand} the wings of Angels as the base of His feet; {rather,} He wanted a spotless womb" (Poema, I, 4),

Mary's most pure womb; in it the Word took flesh.

[Mary says:]: "I am the Mother of Truth, Who became flesh inside of Me… I am the Seat of Widom, Who made Me the Mother of the Son of God." "I am the Mother. Love has made Me the Mother of sweet Love" (Quad. '44, p. 40 [Jan. 10]).

Jesus highlighted what went on during the nine months the Virgin Mother carried Him in Her womb. He said:

"Mary, the Completely Holy Woman, bore the Holy of Holies. She possessed the perfection of human holiness. She was already in an advanced state of divinization ("Divinization" must be understood here in its Eastern Catholic sense. It is the spiritual process by which a human being is made increasingly similar to God, without, of course, ever becoming God. For us sinners, divinization implies sanctification (becoming holier and holier) through penance. [Editor.] … She possessed Divine Perfection, who had clothed Himself with flesh, having asked Her to feed Him with Her Virginal blood. He asked Her to give Him His human shape and give Him refuge for nine moths, during His human gestation. God nourished Himself with Mary. The God-Man was made from Mary. He came from His very Sweet Mother. I took My physical and moral characteristics from Her: kindness, humility, and patience. I received My Perfection from the Father, but I wanted to receive My physical appearance from the Most Blessed Woman, who was My chaste nest. As for My character, I wanted to receive from Her the most beautiful moral clothing there is" (Quad. '43, p. 591 [Nov. 28]). (What is said here harmonizes perfectly with what the famous and learned professor Nicolas Pende of the University of Rome said in his conference[Christ's Biological Heredity from the Virgin Mary], in Il Regno, #1 (1942), p. 34.)

From: The Virgin Mary in the Writings of Maria Valtorta by Fr. Gabriel M. Roschini, O.S.M., p. 107


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