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England’s Vocation

Posted by catholicus on June 6, 2006

Our Lady of Walsingham, St. Barnabas Church, Beckenham, England"Mourn not, O England, should thy wealth and power,
Thy sway o'er sea and land, thine empire cease;
For these became thy portion on that hour
When thou forsookst the Faith, thou, once her dower,
Didst turn from her who bore the Prince of peace.
Mourn not, O England, if thy pride decay,
Mourn not if thy most mournful riches waste,
Mourn not if runes of running fire shall say
That forfeit is thine empiry this day,
And thou from thy long dominance displac'd.
For these have left thee desolate indeed,
Yea, poor and naked in the sight of God.
Nay, even in the sight of men the need
Of landless millions brandeth Mammon's creed
The plague that spoils the vineyard. Ichabod.
Oh, well were lost all that could be desir'd
By man's ambition, or by nation's pride,
If thou, thy former love of God acquir'd,
If thou, with zeal like Boniface inspir'd,
Wouldst seek to spread Christ's kingdom far and wide.
O land of Edward, Alfred, Wilfrid, Bede,
O land of Willibrord and Boniface,
Let the five wounds upon thy banners bleed,
And in the sight of God be great indeed,
Apostle of the tidings of His grace"

Fr. Henry (Edward George) Rope

(From: Carmina No. 2, p. 23)

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