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The Immaculata’s Relationship to the Trinity

Posted by catholicus on December 16, 2006

Immaculata, Reina de las MisionesFrom all eternity the Father begets the Son, and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and Son. This life of the most Holy Trinity is re-echoed in numberless and various ways by the creatures that issue from God’s hands… Every act of love in God comes forth from the Father through the Son and the Holy Spirit. God creates, maintains in existence, gives life and growth in the natural as well as in the supernatural order. In his love God supports in existence all his innumberable limited created resemblances; and the love-reaction that is provoked in the creature can return to the Father only through the Holy Spirit and the Son… Among creatures, the summit of this love that goes back to God is the Immaculata, the one being totally without any stain of sin, all beautiful, all divine. At no time did her will ever deviate from God’s will. With all its strength, her will was always at one with his. In her there came about the marvelous union of God with creation.”

St. Maximilian Kolbe in his “Sketches for a Book”, 1940


3 Responses to “The Immaculata’s Relationship to the Trinity”

  1. riky said

    how can it be that the roman church misintrerpreting a verse in genesis chapter 3 15 says that it is mary and not her seed ( the woman’s seed) namely Jesus to have killed the serpent. In doing so it seems that it is the serpent that is deceiving the entire church of Rome.

    I belong to Jesus

  2. Elias sanabria said

    so what”s your concern?

  3. Elias sanabria said

    I meant you are worried about the well being of the catholic church or you are simply feeling threat with such interpretations?
    cause if that is the case then it seems that you are not psychologicaly
    sure about your doctrine.

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